Release notes

4 Dec 2017

What’s new? ✨ Automatic invoice and credit note creation The time of manual invoice and credit note creation now belongs to the past. Our platform now automatically checks when a complete month is validated (meaning no pending transactions) and creates … Read More

13 Dec 2017

What’s new? ✨ Automatic trades Automatic trades automatically create connections with ad inventory that match the selected traffic channels. As an advertiser or provider you can preview all ad inventory that match your selection and exclude them if you don’t … Read More

10 Jan 2018

What’s improved? 🛠 Publisher registration The publisher after registration got cleaned up and updated with the latest form components to match the rest of the platform. Publisher that sign up are now kept in status pending  and have limited access … Read More

31 Jan 2018

What’s new? ✨ Advertiser transactions API Advertiser will now have access to the first method in their API: getTransactions. This will allow them to request a list of transactions. In the coming days the API documentation will be updated with … Read More

21 Feb 2018

What’s improved? 🛠 Publisher marketplace We removed the duplicate trades that were created by the automatic trades. When an automatic trade and a manual trade exist for the same recipient, only the manual trade is shown in the publisher’s marketplace. … Read More

05 Apr 2018

What’s new? ✨ Bulk editing  transactions Providers can now bulk edit transactions by uploading a CSV file. This can be very useful for editing the pricing data of transactions, for example for partially returned sales. You can find detailed instructions … Read More

25 Apr 2018

What’s new? ✨ 1st party cookie tracking We released a completely updated version of our 1st party cookie tracking. Implementation is as easy as placing one HTML file and a javascript pixel. Full implementation guide can be found here. What’s … Read More

27 June 2018

What’s new? ✨ Publisher marketplace offer previews We updated the way the offer previews in the publisher marketplace look and work. This update includes a button to directly retrieve the tracking link (for the default text link), direct links to … Read More

19 Sep 2018

What’s new? ✨ Rich media ads We added support for rich media ads. You are now able to create rich media ads based on HTML body content (e.g. javascript or iframes) in the offer creator and browse and preview rich … Read More

8 Aug 2018

What’s new? ✨ Support for the Reverse Charge regulation We are added support for a reference to the Reverse Charge regulations on your billing documents. It is now possible to set a reference that will be placed on every document … Read More

3 Oct 2018

What’s new? ✨ Custom VAT rates We added the ability to save a custom VAT rate for each advertiser and to set a 0% VAT for publishers. This makes our finance module compatible with more country specific regulations that provide … Read More

6 Nov 2018

What’s new? ✨ TC Marketplace channel integration We added the possibility to pass the pricing as a parameter to the target URL. This provides the possibility to share this data with 3rd party attribution. What’s improved? 🛠 Rich media ads … Read More

19 Dec 2018

What’s new? ✨ Self billing corrections It is now possible to create self billing correction directly from the billing overview. Bulk upload trade recipients Download trade recipients can now be bulk uploaded to another trade. This makes it way faster … Read More

28 Nov 2018

What’s new? ✨ Invoice corrections It is now possible to create invoice correction directly from the billing overview. Bulk download trade recipients We added to possibility to download trade recipients (ad inventory) from a trade. The download will respect the … Read More

23 Jan 2019

What’s improved? 🛠 Publisher product feeds Publishers can now use filters, sorting and pagination in their product feed list. Performance report The performance report aggregate calculation speed has increased, making the report more real-time. Bug fixes🐛 Fixed an issue that … Read More

20 Feb 2019

What’s new? ✨ Source level bid optimizations (to be released Feb 28th) It is now possible for Command Center to change bids on the source level for Marketplace Channels. What’s improved? 🛠 Command Center dropdowns We added search, grouping and … Read More

20 Mar 2019

What’s new? ✨ Voucher & Deals ads It is now possible for advertisers and providers to set up any kind of deal as ad. Deals can include a voucher code and/or discount. Publishers are able to view, filter, sort and … Read More

17 Apr 2019

What’s new? ✨ New dimensions performance report It is now possible to add Account Manager and Sales Manager as dimensions in the performance report and to filter on them. This makes it easier to measure performance for each manager. What’s … Read More

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