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Promoters are a type of affiliate marketing, but they don’t have to publish anything like publishers or don’t have to be famous like influencers. They can include your customers and employees. They use social media and messaging apps to promote your products and services. Since promoters don’t need to be proficient in affiliate marketing tools, we have simplified every aspect of their workflow: from signing up, through generating tracking links, to withdrawing money.

Product Level Tracking

Edit and validate transactions with multiple product groups and even multiple vendors straight from the user interface or via CSV files. We also added Partner Type, Order Item SKU and Order Item Vendor dimensions and filters to the Performance Report, so you can quickly check KPIs narrowed to a single product or vendor.

Other Improvements

Here’s a whole stack of small changes and improvements we were working on:

  • New session mechanism that enables processing multiple client requests at the same time. As as result many operations are now faster.

  • Downloading a CSV file with clicks is handled through the Download Center.

  • Basic implementation of the Audit Log to enable faster debugging.

Bug fixes🐛

  • fixed an issue where publishers can see product feed logs
  • fixed an issue where the Finance Automation generates no billing numbers
  • fixed an issue where the Finance Automation is terminated by accident
  • fixed an issue where the Finance Automation doesn’t update related transaction statuses
  • fixed an issue where the Cashflow Widget displays wrong data
  • fixed an issue where a trade connection counter displays wrong value
  • Fixed an issue where the Custom Target URL is longer than 255 characters
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