What’s new? ✨

Invoice corrections

It is now possible to create invoice correction directly from the billing overview.

Bulk download trade recipients

We added to possibility to download trade recipients (ad inventory) from a trade. The download will respect the filters set on the recipients page of a trade. This way it is possible to download for example all accepted trade recipients.

Download trade recipient contact information

In the downloadable CSV from the trade recipients page we added contact information of the first active user from the publisher account. This contact information can be used to send an update to all trade recipients, or a subset of them (based on the filters).

Bug fixes🐛

  • Reversed “Absender” and “Empfänger” on German self-billing documents

  • Fixed pre-set filters for automatic trades

  • Corrected to naming in the tooltip of the “information” icon in the publisher marketplace

  • Fixed an issue that stopped the multi-line component to auto-adjusts it’s height when the content was going to the next line.

  • Fixed an issue where the transactions report for a specific publisher wasn’t working because of a mutation in the saved default columns

  • Fixed an issue where the performance report was showing inflated numbers

  • Improved publisher API stability

  • Fixed an issue that caused our product feeds to not be updated properly when the advertiser’s feed changed

  • Fixed an issue that caused the CSV delimiter for product feeds not to be customizable

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