What’s new? ✨

We released a completely updated version of our 1st party cookie tracking. Implementation is as easy as placing one HTML file and a javascript pixel. Full implementation guide can be found here.

What’s improved? 🛠

Sign in/up

We updated the design, improved the error messages, replaced the captcha with an invisible one, removed accept terms checkbox on signup and removed account type selector on signup. All in all making both pages a lot cleaner.

Tracking toggles

We removed the toggles in the offer creator > tracking tab that controlled the visibility of the post click tracking and post impression tracking settings.

Billing document removal

We added a confirmation modal before deleting a billing document to avoid accidental removal.


We removed the currency before the ‘Conversions’ amount on some of the dashboard tiles, removed cashflow and markets (aka the “Coming soon” tile) tile on provider dashboard.

Product feeds

We improved the user experience of the mapping step in the set up by hiding already mapped fields from the dropdown.

Publisher code creator

The deeplink parameter in the publisher code creator is now URL encoded by default.

Bulk edit transactions

The transaction amount is not longer updated when this column is not included in the upload and comma as a decimal separator is now supported.

Bug fixes🐛

Logging into closed accounts

We fixed an issue where users connected to an account in the status ‘closed’ were still able to log in.

Deselecting filter items

Fixed an issue where it was not possible to deselect selected items from a filter when this item did not match the search query.

Saving branding section

Fixed an issue where the Customisation > Branding section could not be saved when a new logo or favicon was uploaded.

Publisher banners

Fixed an issue with the ‘lazy loading’ (scroll triggered loading) in publisher banners section.

Performance report discrepancy

Fixed an issue with the performance report that in some rare cases was causing a discrepancy in amount of transactions.

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