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Grow your business with our Partner Marketing Software and Marketplace​

Target Circle is the leading Affiliate Marketing Software to start your own affiliate programs and pay your partners globally on.
With an Affiliate Marketplace of tens of thousands of pre-integrated partners plus automatic partner billing and payments, your program scales effortlessly from day one.


Manage, automate, and scale all your partnerships in one place

Build your first affiliate program in minutes and connect to tens of thousands of pre-integrated partners, affiliates, apps and media partners

Create your in-house program in one central hub
affiliate analytics
  • Fully customizable and consolidated partnership hub with real time reports
  • ROI optimization of every partner with our smart targeting and automation features
  • Daily influx and automatic connection to new Marketplace partners 
Compliantly automate partner billing & payout
  • Time-saving bulk transaction validation tool to approve or reject unlimited transactions at once
  • Automated creation and sending of tax compliant self-billing partner invoices
  • Weekly partner payouts to 190 countries and all main currencies
Accurately predict monthly pricing
  • SaaS-based pricing starting from $199 per month
  • Crystal clear payment plans based on partner payouts
  • No setup fees, no transaction fees, and no hidden costs mean no more bad surprises at the end of the month

Ready to make Partner Marketing easy and affordable?

Give your partners a home to grow your business

affiliate marketplace
Partnership hub

Our affiliate marketing solution is loaded with features and clusters all your current and future affiliates, apps, customers, influencers and media partners in one place.

Plug 'n' Grow
Boost your reach by connecting with tens of thousands of pre-integrated partners, affiliates, influencers and other media partners.
Verified partners only

Every Marketplace partner is thoroughly verified, properly integrated, comprehensively profiled, and easily discoverable.

Boost offer ROI

Optimize your offer with our smart audience builder and automation features.

Our partner marketing platform is loaded with features, ready to support your daily routines

Make it yours

Create a truly tailored partner platform with fully branded dashboards, partner sign-up and sign-in pages, and customizable preferences.

Deep insights, better decisions

Stimulate partner growth with deep Conversion Path Insights. Every touchpoint we track brings you one data point closer to your target partner return.

Consider it tracked

We achieve a 99,99966% (Six Sigma) and higher annual tracking uptime and accuracy by combining multiple tracking methods based on cookies, fingerprints, and postbacks.


How much can you save by switching to Target Circle?

Calculate your savings with our smart calculators whether you’re coming from a self-service affiliate software solution or a full-service affiliate network. So, how are you running your affiliate program now?

We are proud to make a real difference to our clients' business success

#1 Voted and Most Popular Partner Marketing Software

With more than 30,000 advertisers and close to 45,000 active offers, our affiliate marketing software is the backbone of the global partner marketing ecosystem. We power affiliate marketing professionals and teams no matter their country, industry, or size.

Our own affiliate program lives, breathes, and grows on Target Circle. The software allows us to control and manage every aspect of it. Together with their - it feels like never sleeping - support, it has become an indispensable part of our daily work routines. The only regret we have is that we did not start using it from the beginning.


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