What’s improved? 🛠

Publisher marketplace

We removed the duplicate trades that were created by the automatic trades. When an automatic trade and a manual trade exist for the same recipient, only the manual trade is shown in the publisher’s marketplace.

Product feeds speed

The generation of the publisher output feeds has become much faster. This fixes the occasional time outs that happened for big feeds and improve the response time in general. Our first benchmarks show that the new response time is 15 times faster!

Transaction updating speed

With the last release we made single transaction updates a lot faster. However, as a side effect the displayed transaction values were not being updated in real-time (the actual values in the database were). This is now fixed: the new values of the transaction are displayed right after saving the transaction without the need for a refresh.

Transaction report speed

We’re still in the middle of some major architectural changes to significantly improve the speed of the transaction, click and impression report speed. While the main improvements are still work in progress, we were already able to release some performance enhancing tweaks.

Improve trade issuing speed

The release of the automatic trades resulted in many more new connections that needed to be created all the time. Due to latency between our servers this happened with a significant delay. We now fixed this issue, which makes automatic connections creation a lot faster.

We fixed an issue where creating banners for offers with a lot of connections time out.

Provider postback creating

We fixed an issue that prevented providers to save new postbacks.

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