What’s new? ✨

Publisher marketplace offer previews

We updated the way the offer previews in the publisher marketplace look and work. This update includes a button to directly retrieve the tracking link (for the default text link), direct links to pre-filtered text link and banner sections, basic HTML support for the offer description and a major design improvement.

Ref parameters for publisher signup

We added the possibility to use the ref  parameter on our publisher signup pages (for example: targetcircle.com/signup?ref=test. The value of the parameter will be stored for the publisher account that is created during the signup. You can access this value in the Business tab of the publisher account in the Management section.

Automatically email billing documents

We added the option to automatically send an email with the billing document attached. After you save a document in status Sent you will be asked if you want to send the document to the billing document recipient set up in the account of the recipient of the document (Billing > Bills are emailed to). We also added a button next to the save button to (re)send the document at any later moment.

Important note: We are experiencing some problems with the email template. We are working on resolving those at the moment.

What’s improved? 🛠

Faster CSV downloads

We updated the way CSV downloads are processed by the system so they will be ready for download much faster. Smaller files will now be processed immediately and no longer have to wait for any bigger files that are queued. Also the preparation of the bigger queued files is optimised and should improve the speed with which they are ready.

Updated template for billing documents

All invoices and credit notes will now state the VAT rate behind the total name, for example VAT (25%). Also the invoice template for documents with a provider as recipient is updated so that the Convert positions are based on commission instead of payout.

Bug fixes🐛

Price matching on trade type

We fixed an issue that caused transactions of ad inventory in a specific price segment to get the price from an automatic trade when there was also a manual trade for the same recipient.

Transaction status for under construction offers

We fixed an issue where transactions for offers with status under construction were saved with the status failed instead of pending.

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