Target Circle Referral Program

Target Circle Referral Program

Target Circle pays up to $499 for every advertiser you refer to our platform! 

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We provide leading Partnership Marketing Software for businesses to start their own affiliate programs and pay partners globally. Let’s go for a win-win. You help businesses grow by using our future proof software and you earn money up to $499 per advertiser!

This is why you should apply to be a publisher at Target Circle!

How does the Referral Program work?

Step 1, Join Target Circle

Sign up as a Partner to gain direct access to the referral program.

If you are already a partner you can access the program directly from your personalized Target Circle Environment.

Learn more or hit the button below to join Target Circle:

Step 2, Grab the link

As soon as you have signed up for the referral program you can grab the link directly from your personalized Target Circle environment.

Step 3, Start promoting

Bring the link to the attention of your Advertisers.

  • Place the link on your website
  • Add the link to direct mailings
  • Send it directly to closer business acquaintances

Tracking happens via a cookie which is active for 30 days.

Step 4, Get paid

Collect your commission as soon as the advertiser you referred becomes a paying customer. 

Receive up to $499 per paying customer

How much will you get paid?

The reward system is crystal clear, just like our regular pricing.

For every paying advertiser that comes from your referral link, you will receive the amount they pay for the first month of their subscription. 

Type Commission
Growth Hacker $199
Business $299
Enterprise $499

Are you ready to Boost your Business?

Why your Advertisers should join Target Circle

Our powerful SaaS product has all the features that enable clients to create and grow their own consolidated partner hub

  • 99,99966% accurate tracking
  • Create clear and comprehensive reports in only a few clicks
  • Fully customizable dashboards and interface
  • Manage your partners and offers all in one place
  • Benefit from Target Circle Marketplace and thousands of Partners
  • Validate your partner payments and let us worry about the rest