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Our Partner Marketing Platform Gives Your Partners a Personalized Experience

Fully branded dashboards, partner sign-up and sign-in pages, customizable preferences, and extensive account settings give you and your partners a truly tailored platform strengthening your brand awareness and loyalty. Our API-based foundation allows for seamless integrations, custom functionalities, and versatile automation.

Offer Management

Maximize the ROI of Every Partner

The success of your offers depends on two factors, maximizing the number of affiliate partners that promote your offers and maximizing the return on ad spend per partner. Our Affiliate Marketing Software provides you with a smart audience builder and automation features that scale your offers automatically while hitting your profitability targets for every single partner.

affiliate marketplace
Partner Marketplace

Discover and Connect to New Partners Every Day

With the help of our Partner Marketing Software, you can create a consolidated partnership hub for all your current and future affiliates, apps, customers, influencers, and media partners, plus you can boost your reach by connecting to tens of thousands of pre-integrated Marketplace partners.
Every Marketplace Partner is thoroughly verified, properly integrated, comprehensively profiled, and easily discoverable.


Stimulate Partner Growth with Deep Conversion Path Insights

Every touchpoint we track brings you one data point closer to your target partner return. Therefore, we combine multiple tracking methods based on cookies, fingerprints, and postbacks to achieve the highest tracking accuracy. And with annual tracking uptimes of 99.99966% (Six Sigma) and higher, our tracking sets the industry standard.

Billing & Payments

Bill and Pay Your Partners Hassle Free

Easy Validation

Validate your transactions however you like. Whether it is via CSV upload, transaction IDs, bulk selection, or by changing the transaction directly, Target Circle has you covered.

Automatic Billing

Based on your transaction validation Target Circle automatically creates tax compliant self-billing invoices for your partners. No more manual work or expensive 3rd party billing solutions.

Automatic Payments

Target Circle pays weekly to 190 countries and all main currencies without charging any additional transaction or currency conversion fees. Your partners will love you for that.

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