What’s new? ✨

Automatic invoice and credit note creation

The time of manual invoice and credit note creation now belongs to the past. Our platform now automatically checks when a complete month is validated (meaning no pending transactions) and creates invoices for the approved transactions. When those transactions change to status ‘approved, paid in’ the credit notes are created. This month we only activated it for ourselves to be able to do a controlled production test. If everything runs smooth we will roll this feature out for other providers too. To understand better how this process works, you can check out this help article.

Transaction status based on billing document

A billing document status and the status of the connected transactions are related. However so far the system neglected this connection. Not any more. From now on, when you change an invoice or credit note status, the connected transactions change status too. For example, when you change an invoice from ‘pro forma’ to ‘sent’, the related transactions change from ‘approved’ to ‘approved, invoiced’. The related transactions are determined based on the document postion attributes.

New mass validator

The mass validator is now completely integrated in the transactions report and able to handle almost 100 times as much transactions as before. It has two parts: validation based on selection and based on ID. To validate based on selection, you can use the transaction report filters to create your desired selection of transactions, select them all, verify the number of transactions in the header and use the dropdown select the desired status. To validate on ID you use the ‘Mass validation icon’ in the header, select the type of ID (advertiser vs sytem) you want to use and paste in the IDs. Both validation methods now show you confirmation of how many transactions change from status A to status B, before validation start.

Validation for advertisers

We now also enabled validation in the advertiser’s interface. Advertisers are only able to change transactions that are in one of the following statuses: pending, approved, declined and also only select those as destination status.

What’s improved? 🛠

Publisher creator

We incoporated all the feedback we received from you in recent weeks: API key is available again and now also in the publisher interface, VAT ID is now a non-required field for private companies and we added a new section called ‘preferences’ where the download format and panel currency can be set. Also the vertical, category and reach are added as part of the ad inventory creator again.

Publisher settings

The publisher settings part is now also using the newest input componets and is completely aligned with the publisher creator for providers.

Add recipients

We returned filters and columns for the Vertical and Reach fields. We also added a column for the categories. This should make it easier to find the right recipients.

What’s coming? 🔮

Automatic trades

Originally it was scheduled for this release but had to be pushed to the next because the publisher marketplace needs proper filtering first (Thanks again Niklas!).

Publisher marketplace filters

We’ll add filters to the publisher marketplace to make it much easier for them to find the relevant offers.

Advertiser creator

After the publisher creator, now the advertiser creator will get an update.

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