Managing offers

Branding for Advertisers

Target Circle allows Advertisers to adjust their interface to the look and feel of their brand and to create dedicated and customised sign in and sign up gateways. The branding settings are accessible through the Settings link in the sidebar … Read More

Text links

A text link is one of the main ad types Publishers are using to promote Offers. You can create text links in the offer settings via Ads – Text links. To add a new text link click on + . … Read More

Dynamic Target URL Parameters

Sometimes it is required to dynamically pass through information and values in the Target URL. For this purpose, several parameters are available for you. The following dynamic parameters can be used in the default target URL of the Offer, default … Read More


You can use targeting settings to create target audiences for which you can specify a price in the Pricing tab. We support geo targeting based on country and device targeting based on device groups. You can select countries and create … Read More

Tracking configuration

Most Advertisers are using a performance based revenue model. Because of that, tracking is one of the most important parts of our technology and service. Desktop advertisers First of all you have to choose the tracking method you want to … Read More

Standard Banner Sizes

We recommend having a variety of banners sizes available for your Offer(s). This will make it easier for Publishers to promote your Offers and generate better results. Banners are measured by the width x height in pixels. The most common … Read More

Creating a product feed

Product feeds can be used to make information about products accessible for Publishers to be used on their website or app. For example, if the Publisher is having a price comparison site. In our system product feeds are considered to … Read More

Rich Media

Advertisers can create rich media ads based on HTML body content (e.g. javascript, iframes, or email templates) in the offer creator (Ads -> Rich Media). To add a new Rich Media ad click on + and name the ad. In … Read More

Deals & Vouchers

If you have voucher codes or special deals available for your Offer, you can add these in the Ads section of the Offer to make it available for Publishers. Name the voucher or deal and add the discount information (and … Read More

Transaction validation for Advertiser

You can use the validation of transactions to prepare invoices. Once there is no longer any transactions with the status ‘pending’ for a monthly period, and at least one transaction has the status ‘approved’, the platform will create an invoice … Read More

Creating an automatic trade

If you as an Advertiser or Provider want to add Publishers to an Offer, you can add each of their Ad Inventories manually, or, use an automatic trade. By doing this, Ad inventories will be added to an Offer automatically, … Read More

Creating a manual trade

Trades are Publisher-price-combinations associated with additional targeting settings. In your Advertiser Marketplace you can see all offers that are set up for your account. To create a trade select the offer and EDIT it. Select the PRICING tab of the … Read More

Mass validation for Advertiser

Target Circle allows you to mass validate your transactions. For this purpose, you can either use the Transaction ID (Advertiser) or the Transaction ID (System) . Transaction ID (Advertiser) vs. Transaction ID (System) The Transaction ID (Advertiser) is your unique … Read More

Product feed requirements

File types & characters Product feeds in the following formats are supported: CSV XML Make sure you are using the UTF-8 charset to ensure your feed will be imported and processed without any problems. Other charsets might work and will … Read More

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