A text link is one of the main ad types Publishers are using to promote Offers. You can create text links in the offer settings via Ads – Text links.

To add a new text link click on + .

Give it a name and a link text. The link text is the text that is shown as the link on a website.

By default the “Default target URL” from the Tracking tab of the offer is used as target URL. In case you have a special landing page for the text link you can activate Use custom target URL and specify the Target URL you wish to use. If you add parameters in the custom target URL these will append the parameters specified in “Default target URL extension” on the Tracking tab. If you are using the same parameter in both fields, we will deduplicate it and give the one specified in the custom target URL priority.

A text link can be assigned to be default or not with the button Text link is default. The default text link is used when you want to remove text links that already have been used by publishers. In such scenario we will redirect the traffic from the publisher to the default text link.

Please also choose whether you wish to make the creative private or not – with the Text link is visible option. A private creative is not visible for any publisher.

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