Advertisers can create rich media ads based on HTML body content (e.g. javascript, iframes, or email templates) in the offer creator (Ads -> Rich Media).

To add a new Rich Media ad click on + and name the ad. In case you want to use another landing page than the default target URL of your offer activate Use custom target URL and enter the URL.

Please also choose whether you wish to make the ad visible or not and enter the width and the height.
As the last step, you have to paste the HTML code. To insert the tracking you have to replace the target URLs in the code with {target_url_htmlescaped}. The image URLs of the code stay like they are.

Special case: email templates

It is quite common that email templates contain different target URLs. To insert the tracking for those templates you have to replace the target URLs in the code with {target_url_htmlescaped}?r=

By doing this you make sure that the user is redirected to instead of the predefined default or custom Target URL.

Note: It´s important to insert the tracking for all target URLs. Otherwise, the tracking for the link is off.

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