Branding for Advertisers

Target Circle allows Advertisers to adjust their interface to the look and feel of their brand and to create dedicated and customised sign in and sign up gateways.

The branding settings are accessible through the Settings link in the sidebar navigation of the Advertiser’s account.

There are two sections: Platform and Gateways.

In section Platform, Advertisers can:

  • Add a logo in PNG format

  • Add a favicon in PNG format

  • Choose a primary color that is used for header, links and highlights

  • Choose a sidebar background color

  • Choose a sidebar font color

  • Choose font type

  • Adjust the page title for the account

Via Gateways, Advertisers can:

  • Choose a subdomain for the sign in and sign up pages

The subdomain should contain the chosen name (without any special characters) and should always end with

It can only be used with a /signin or /signup suffix. For example:

If you link to your custom signup page, for example from your own website, it is recommended to always add the reference parameter. The reference parameter allows you to automatically connect publishers that signup to your Offers. You can use the reference parameter as follows: /signup?ref=your_brand.

  • Add a logo in PNG format

  • Set a custom gradient as the background: set the colors, the gradient type and the direction.

  • Use custom background image instead. The recommended minimum background image size should be 1920 x 1080 (2560 x 1440 or any other 16 : 9 size).

Once all values and materials are provided, Advertisers can save the settings.
After saving it can take up to 10 minutes before the new branding becomes visible in your account.

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