Mass validation for Advertiser

Target Circle allows you to mass validate your transactions. For this purpose, you can either use the Transaction ID (Advertiser) or the Transaction ID (System) .

Transaction ID (Advertiser) vs. Transaction ID (System)

The Transaction ID (Advertiser) is your unique transaction ID passed to TC in the pixel, script or postback URL (e.g. your order, booking, loan request IDs)
The Transaction ID (System) is our unique, internal system ID that is allocated to your transaction by Target Circle.

Both IDs are available in your transaction report:

To start with the validation you have to click on VALIDATE TRANSACTIONS in the header of your transaction report.

Once you click on the icon a modal will appear on your screen.

Validation with Transaction ID (Advertiser)

For mass validation with Advertiser IDs, you have to click on Advertiser ID . Then you have to paste the IDs in the Transaction IDs field. All transactions have to be separated by a line break. Next, you have to select the Offer the transactions belong to and the new transaction status. You can choose between pending , approved and declinde . For declining transactions, you also have to select the reason. To proceed with the validation you have to click onNEXT.

Validation with Transaction ID (System)

For validations with System IDs, the process is almost the same.
The only difference is that you don´t need to select an offer.

Clicking onNEXT will trigger a new modal to be opened. On this, you can see a preview of the total number of transactions that status is being modified by your mass validation. You can also see the old and the new transaction status of the transactions.

Once you are sure, click on CHANGE and the validation process starts, followed by a confirmation modal:

Please note: In case you are validating a large number of transactions (1000+) it can take several minutes before the transaction report is reflecting the changes.

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