If you have voucher codes or special deals available for your Offer, you can add these in the Ads section of the Offer to make it available for Publishers.

Name the voucher or deal and add the discount information (and code for vouchers). You can set up a fixed or percentage discount and besides the value, you can add a description of it and its terms & conditions (ex. if there is minimum order value, if certain brands or goods are excluded, etc.). It is also necessary to define the period of validity.

If you want to use the code to attribute transactions, you can also check the appropriate box for this and add the ad inventory that you wish to track using vouchers.

In case you have a special landing page for the voucher or deal you can activate Use custom target URL and specify the Target URL you wish to use. If you add parameters in the custom target URL these will append the parameters specified in “Default target URL extension” on the Tracking tab.

Please also choose whether you wish to make the voucher / deal private or not – with the Voucher code is visible option.

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