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How to use the reports

To monitor your Offer(s) properly we provide you with a substantial report section. You can choose between three kinds of Reports: Performance – cumulated reports on different various campaign level parameters such as advertises, offers, source ids, etc. Touchpoints –

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How tracking event synchronisation works

Before any impression, click or transaction reaches your reports, it is synchronised from our tracking to the reporting database. This is necessary because our tracking is designed as a completely separate application so we can guarantee uptime, even when we

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Target Circle’s GDPR & ePrivacy compliance

Getting ready for the GDPR Organizations established in the EU and processing personal data of EU-based individuals will, in almost all cases, be required to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by May 25, 2018. The GDPR updates

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How does the marketplace work

The Target Circle marketplace works different from other network platforms you might worked with before. First of all, a lot of different Providers are using the Target Circle technology as a white label solution to run the Offers of their

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How to create a “Become a Partner” page.

The Partner page is a part of your website, usually set up in the main page footer with a domain like this: It is an additional possibility to acquire new publishers for your offer. It`s also the page where

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Required offer set up information

To set up your Offer your account manager will need the following information: Offer logo – high quality graphic JPG or PNG format with a transparent background Offer description – information about your Offer/Product for the Publishers Offer policy –

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Click spamming

What is click spamming? This is a type of fraud that usually shows abnormally low Conversion rates in mobile offers. Another characteristics for click spamming traffic is an abnormally high percentage of installs with a very long click to install

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Traffic channels

A traffic channel is a source or reasonable pooled group of sources, a partner uses to generate users for a website, app, etc.  In the Target Cirlce platform traffic channels have to be defined for every Ad inventory. Advertisers and

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Avoid using HTTP / mixed content on your site

In general, all our tracking scripts, image pixels, and links are currently working with HTTP and HTTPS. With the release of Chrome 81 all main browsers will be blocking mixed (active) content to improve the privacy and security of each

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Conversion Path Attribution

Introduction Conversion Path Attribution is about moving away from a model where there is always just one ad inventory that gets rewarded for a transaction, to a model where there can be multiple ad inventories that are rewarded. To illustrate

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