A traffic channel is a source or reasonable pooled group of sources, a partner uses to generate users for a website, app, etc. 

In the Target Cirlce platform traffic channels have to be defined for every Ad inventory. Advertisers and Providers can filter for these channels to find suitable Publishers for their Offers. Below you can find an overview of all traffic channels available and a brief explanation:


Offers are promoted on 18+ websites.


Ads are displayed in an app directly.


Online services which allow users to add, rate, edit, and share bookmarks of web documents. Saved bookmarks can be shared among users.


Online portals whose users get “cash back” for e.g. a purchase in a webshop. Besides being rewarded in monetary form some portals also reward the users with points that later can be redeemed in e.g. coupons.


Price comparison sites gather information from several webshops so users can check the best prices for a product.


Can be defined as a commercially utilizable and copyright reserved good, created through individual, editorial configuration of public and free information. It can be generated by an editorial team or by users through e.g by uploads or marks (user generated contetn – UGC) or by a mix of both. Most important is that it is a unique and user relevant information. 


Apps or websites that list a lot of different other apps or websites that could be interesting to download / visit by a user.


Display traffic typically refers to traffic generated from banner or flash ads from a website (or some other site like e.g. a blog). 



Newsletters containing Offer ads that, send to a certain user base / target group.


Also named Offer Wall traffic where a site displays a lot of different Offers. The partner is using the app icon only for the promotion.


Any traffic where the user is rewarded for a certain action. The reward can be e.g. bonus points and an action could be watching a video or downloading an app etc.

Media buyer

Media buying is the procurement of media inventory. The media buying function negotiates price and placement for advertisements. Media buyers are not the owners of the actual site, app etc. the ad is displayed in.


A partner that uses several sub partners to promote offers via their traffic channels. 


Ads displayed in pop-ups or pop-unders. 

Push notification

Possible for mobile (Apps) or browser (Sites) traffic. User can give apps /sites permission receive messages that will alert them of news, sprecial promotions etc.


Methods to target customers who have already viewed something on a website or demonstrated interest in products. There is a variety of features aiming for a re engagement of users that have been browsing pages on a website but didn´t finish a conversion. 

Search engine traffic refers to the visitors who arrive at a website by clicking search results leading to that particular website.


Users receive offer links via SMS.

Social media

Traffic from a social network, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram.


Ads displayed in a users toolbar.

Voucher code

Websites listing coupon codes, special deals and offers.


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