How does the validation and payment process for our desktop Offers work

Our payment process for desktop Publishers works as follows:

Validating the transactions

When a transaction is tracked it has the status “pending”. On the first working day of each new month our account management team will prepare a report for the performance of the past month for each Advertiser and sends over a list of all pending transactions for validation. Once the Advertiser confirmed the final numbers, we create the invoice and send it to the Advertiser. Transactions that are approved have the status “approved” and once the invoice for these was sent to the Advertiser the status changes to “approved, invoiced”. Transactions that are declined by the client will have the status “declined”.


The Advertiser then has time to pay the invoice based on the payment terms. Once we have received the payment, we prepare the payouts and the status of the transactions change to “approved, paid in”. These will be transferred to the bank account set up in your account with the next payment round. The payment rounds happen every Monday, unless this is a bank holiday. For every payout we send to your account, you will receive a credit note and the status of the transactions change to “approved, paid out”. With this process you don’t have to wait for your payments from all Advertisers of the Offers that you promoted to have paid their invoices.

Minimum payout threshold

We work with a minimum payout amount of 50 EUR or its equivalent in another currency. If the payout is below this threshold we will withhold the payment until the minimum amount has been reached.
Please note that the payment will be transferred in the Offer currency.


It is not necessary to send us an invoice from your side. If your internal bookkeeping requires you to send us an invoice, you can do this. However, the payment process is always based on the Target Circle Supply Partner Terms of Use:

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