How to use the reports

To monitor your Offer(s) properly we provide you with a substantial report section. You can choose between three kinds of Reports:

  • Performance – cumulated reports on different various campaign level parameters such as advertises, offers, source ids, etc.

  • Touchpoints – report with most granular information for any point of interaction with a customer or potential customer at any stage of the customer journey

  • Clicks – report with most granular information for every click

In all reports you can set various filters, select the date range and modify your columns.

With modifying columns you can customize your reports and display additional information or hide columns you don´t need. Clicking on a columns header will sort the information in the column.

Once all information you need is displayed you can set these columns to default for the current view by clicking on the arrow next to the current view. By doing so your selected columns will be saved and will be loaded every time you open the view. You can create, reorder and save various views, according to your needs.

If you want to download a report please visit the download center on the top right of the page which is available for all kinds of reports. With the show chart button next to it you can display a chart for your current result in the performance report.

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