How to create a “Become a Partner” page.

The Partner page is a part of your website, usually set up in the main page footer with a domain like this: It is an additional possibility to acquire new publishers for your offer. It`s also the page where you will have attached a link to our gateway.

General remarks

The page should have the same look and feel as the rest of your website to ensure the same user experience. Use key words only and limit the content to the necessary to attract the potential publisher.
The links for the gateway need to be placed well and as visible as possible.

The content should be divided in four sections:

  • Intro

  • How to become a Partner

  • Why to become a Partner (USPs of your Offer)

  • Contact details


This part should introduce your affiliate program to the publisher and what your offer is about.

How to become a Partner

Describe how the publisher can become a partner.

Here is one example  you can adapt to your language or preferences.

   How to become a Partner: 

  • Apply HERE;

  • We get back to you within one working day

  • Start earning with us.

Why to become a Partner

Enumerate the advantages for the publisher to run your offer. We recommend to use maximum five USPs, like: 

  Why to become a Partner:

  • Dedicated support 5 days a week

  • Up to x % per sale

  • Exclusive promotions

  • Weekly payments

  • Great amount of creatives

Contact details

Always add contact details. It can be our account management email (, your company email and/or a phone number like:

Contact us for more information: or via phone under +49 123 456789

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