Should you remove or reject an Ad Inventory from a trade

Providers and Advertisers can disconnect Ad Inventories from each trade that belongs to one of their offers. They can do that by either removing or rejecting the Ad Inventory, and both have a different effect.

To either remove or reject an Ad Inventory from Trade, you have to go to the Pricing tab of the Offer editor and “edit” the trade from which you want to remove or reject an Ad Inventory.

Consequences of removing

When an Ad Inventory is removed the trade it is no longer visible in the Publisher’s marketplace and no commission will be allocated for new transactions, but the tracking links will still save new impressions, clicks and transactions and redirect to the target URL.

Removing an Ad Inventory is therefore ideal to maintain a good user experience while you stop paying any commissions. It is always bad for the Publisher and the Advertiser if users end on an error page.

Consequences of rejecting

When an Ad inventory is rejected, tracking links stop working immediately and lead to an error page. This means we will stop tracking impressions, clicks and transactions immediately. However, until you also remove the Ad Inventory, the Offer will remain visible in the Publisher’s marketplace.

Please note that if you want to disconnect an ad inventory from an automatic trade you should always reject it. If you remove it, it will be added to the trade again.

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