The advantages of a self-service affiliate solution

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What are the advantages of a self-service affiliate platform?

The importance of online advertising is undeniable. Recently we’ve written a post which highlights the importance of affiliate marketing during COVID times, because advertising is now more important than ever. A big part of businesses shifted from offline to online, making online marketing your most important marketing channel.

A self serve advertising or affiliate software gives an advertiser the opportunity to run a performance marketing campaign without the assistance of a third party involved. Compared to a managed affiliate marketing software, a self serve affiliate software can offer a lot of advantages. This blog talks about the biggest advantages a self serve affiliate software has.

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Self service ad platforms provide full control

With a self-service solution, there is no account manager from the technology provider in between clients, saving you a lot of time. Saas affiliate software solutions often provide extensive help center support, so setting up and managing your offers can be done easily. The straightforwardness and user-friendliness of a lot of affiliate marketing software will guarantee that advertisers will be able to deal with the technical requirements without further support needed.

Choose your own publishers straight from the partner marketplace and set up your very own affiliate campaign in minutes!

Track, analyze and optimize your self serve advertising campaigns

From setting up your tracking and pricing configuration to adding the promotional material to connecting publishers, all can be done by the advertiser itself in a short time. Advertisers don’t have to discuss configurations or offer changes with their account manager but can implement them themselves immediately. They can run their own advertising strategy without the need to negotiate it with a third party. That leaves the advertiser full control over their offer in every aspect. Moreover, the advertiser can implement any change whenever they want and doesn´t need to wait for feedback during the business hours of their account manager. This time saving will in the end also result in saving money. It also gives advertisers the chance to test different strategies without having to deal with the partner marketing platform.

Find suitable partners on your self service advertising platform

In both affiliate marketing solutions – the self-service partner marketing and the managed affiliate network solution, one of the essential points is the publisher recruitment and onboarding. Running an offer using a self-service platform, the advertiser is solely responsible for the onboarding of suitable publishers to promote their offer(s). This means they don’t need to gamble that there are suitable publishers in the network, they can just recruit and onboard all relevant affiliate partners themselves. But an existing publisher portfolio that might be provided by the affiliate marketing solution can of course be beneficial too. Nevertheless, The speed to the market is undeniable one of the main advantages of the self-serve platform solution. It saves time and results in more suitable partners promoting your offer(s) faster.

Increase ROI by direct communication

For publishers, the self-service solution can be more trustworthy because they can communicate with the advertiser directly without an intermediary. They can also expect the highest payouts possible for the offer(s) they are promoting because there is no network margin for the self-serving advertiser. Potential savings then can rather be redistributed and added to the publisher’s commission, making the offer for them even more attractive to promote.

Managing your own ads yourself saves money

Full-service affiliate programs come with advantages. But those advantages also come with costs. There is a range of fees you’re paying that really add up, like a substantial registration fee, monthly fees, and commissions taken on each payment you make to your affiliates. This means it’s not only more expensive for you, but also for your affiliate partners.

Curious to know how much you can save, coming from a network? Calculate your potential savings with our affiliate savings calculator!

Stop paying high fees for services you don’t need

Every network that works with these fees charges them in a different way and for different parts of their service. This makes it hard to distinguish which network is cheaper and which is more expensive. A self-serve affiliate platform is always cheaper in the long run. Even when you add the time it takes to set up and manage your own program, the costs don’t come close to the fees you’re paying over the years with a full-service affiliate network. These savings are beneficial for both you and your affiliates. Your marketing ROI skyrockets when costs plummet. You’re also able to offer higher commissions to your affiliates, Looking at the arguments above, In summary, it can be said that the saas affiliate software can be beneficial for advertisers who are willing to spend more time managing their affiliate partner program and want to profit from the high level of management control and flexibility while saving money and increasing their marketing ROI.

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