How to become an affiliate from scratch

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Are you looking to become an affiliate? Let's get you started!

Working from home, achieving financial independence, and managing one’s own schedule is many people’s dreams! Who wouldn’t like that? Affiliate marketing is an excellent opportunity for you to achieve your financial independence, but you have to be prepared to overcome the challenges. It can take a while to become successful in affiliate marketing, so it’s important that you don’t give up too soon.

We’ve listed the most important tips for people who are looking to start with affiliate marketing. Or for those who just started, and are looking to grow. We’ll tell you what to do and what not to do. And we talk about some common problems and how to avoid them. Let’s start.

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Don’t place your links everywhere

Cool, you just started, and you’re in full swing, right? Great! But before you go out spreading the link in all your networks, it is important to have a plan. Many affiliates select a product and post the same offer on all Facebook groups, WhatsApp, or even third-party blogs with the link in the comments! By disseminating the link without segmentation, the message will look like spam. If anybody clicks your link and doesn’t think it’s relevant to them, they won’t click a second time. You wouldn’t like getting spammed with links, so why would others. Make sure your offers, messages, and links are relevant and personalized for the audience you show them to.

Don’t use your personal social network profile

The people who follow you on social media follow you for, well, you. If you start posting offers on your own page, it might come off like spam. If you’re serious about using social networks to promote your affiliate offers, create pages specifically for the spreading of those offers. If people choose to follow those pages, they know what they’ve signed up for and will be more tolerant of promotional messages.

Segment your audience

As said in the tip above, receiving too many offers is not pleasant, so before sending an offer make sure that the person you’re sending it to is interested in the product or service that you offer.

Create lists, either in WhatsApp, social networks, or e-mail marketing, and follow your contacts’ profile. There are a lot of email marketing tools that have a free plan for entrepreneurs who are starting in the market, use those tools to keep your audience engaged.

Now, let’s look at the importance of targeting the public: how likely is a pregnant woman to buy baby items? Very, right? And now, how likely is it that a mother with a 7-year-old will buy a pacifier? Almost zero…

To segment the target audience you first need to find out which people are interested in your products or services. One way to discover this public’s profile is to enter the social networks of the brand and analyze the profiles of people who comment on the posts and interact with the brand.

Communicatie clear and truthfully

When writing a headline for your offer, don’t promise things that aren’t true, like “Learn English in one month”.Instead, invest in ads that convey the benefits and characteristics of the product or service, Like: “Learn English from native speakers!”

Provide value to your audience, contribute rich information about the selected niche. Let’s say you’ve chosen the fashion niche, give your audience tips about the clothes and what combination can be made. It’s also wise to invest in copywriting techniques in order to compel your audience more.

Look beyond clicks

Having many clicks on a campaign does not mean that the conversion rate is high. As I mentioned in the text above, a lack of targeting can be devastating to your campaign. The people seeing your offers might click, but if they are not the target audience, they’ll never convert. It’s better to have fewer clicks and more quality.

Start with a good strategy

If you are going to start working on the internet as an affiliate, it is essential to choose the niches you want to work in and put together a strategy.

The tips above are some tricks that will help your strategy. Remember, persisting and studying is the best way to become a successful affiliate!

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