Promoting offers

Finding the right offers

To find the right offer you need to go to the Marketplace section in your Publisher account: When you are in the Marketplace section you see all offers you are connected to. You can filter them using our filters. Offers

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Adding new users

If you want to add additional users to your Publisher account you can easily do this in the user management of your account settings, which you can access by clicking on your user name on the bottom left: When creating

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A short guide to the Publisher panel

Please find below general explanations for each section of your Publisher account. Dashboard In your dashboard you can check your performance and updates in real time. The different tiles show you account, offer and performance information. The “Complete your account”

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Sign up as a Publisher

For the registration as a Publisher at our open marketplace platform, please visit or any other sign up gateway by our provider partners, advertiser or publishers. Add your email address and set up your password. Once you signed up

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Generating tracking links and ads

Once you are connected to an Offer you can grab different ad formats for your promotion. You can generate a tracking link directly in the dashboard with the generate tracking link tile, by choosing your ad inventory and the offer

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Branding for Publishers

Target Circle allows Publishers to adjust their interface to the look and feel of their brand and customise their sign in gateway. The branding settings are accessible by clicking on the user name in the sidebar navigation of the Publisher’s

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Depending on the Offer settings by an Advertiser it might be allowed to link to other pages than the target URL specified by the Advertiser. You can check if deeplinking is available (enabled or disabled) in your marketplace by checking

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Adding new Ad Inventories

If you want to promote Offers via more than one traffic channel, e.g. more than one website, you can create multiple Ad inventories in your Publisher account. By doing this you can make sure that a matching Ad inventory can

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