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For the registration as a Publisher at our open marketplace platform, please visit or any other sign up gateway by our provider partners, advertiser or publishers. Add your email address and set up your password. Once you signed up you will receive a verification email to confirm your email address (note that it can take up to 5 minutes for the email to arrive).
After your email has been successfully verififed, you can sign in to your account and start setting up your information. Please add details for all the following tabs and fill it out as accurate as possible.

Important: If information is missing for one of the tabs we cannot approve the account.


Business: This can either be your company name or an individual name, please choose the business type adequately. The indication of tax identification numbers is necessary for countries that require this information on all credit notes.
Address: Please add your company or private address.


Your contact details.

Ad Inventory:

Please chose your traffic channel, vertical, category and traffic reach (countries you are able to target) as precisely as you can so that the offers you receive from our connected demand partners (networks, agencies, advertisers) are highly relevant. If you have different channels available to promote offers, you can set up separate ad inventories for it.


Pending payments can be avoided by providing the correct and complete payment information.


Specific billing information can be entered here.

After your registration your status is pending and you will have limited access to the platform. You can access your settings, but cannot use any other parts of the platform yet. Once your account information is complete you will receive an email that it is activated. You will then be contacted shortly by our Providers offering you suitable Offers.
You can then also set your Preferences, choose the CSV delimiter and decimal separator used in your country and chose your favorite panel currency.

Moreover, Target Circle allows Publishers to adjust their interface to the look and feel of their brand and customise their sign in gateway:

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