Tracking Test For Desktop Offers

Once you have implemented the tracking according to the steps provided by your account manager, you should execute a tracking test following the steps below:

  • Click the test link provided by your account manager – if you didn´t receive it you can add the Ad inventory “TC Test Ad Inventory” to a trade of the Offer and grab the tracking link for it

  • Follow the conversion flow process and trigger a registration / sign-up, sale or any other action that should be tracked

  • If you want to test a sale transaction with a percentage commission model please make sure that the transaction contains a transaction amount

  • Once all steps have been done you should see the transaction with status “pending” in the transaction report of your Advertiser account, allocated to the Publisher (Ad media) “Test Account TC Publisher”

Please contact your dedicated account manager in case a transaction is not tracked properly or you have any further questions.

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