What’s improved? 🛠

Conversion Path Attribution Improvements

Based on the feedback from our clients, we added many adjustments to how the CPA feature works:

  • PPC and PPV transactions no longer limit the the lookback window

  • Unique touchpoints / one attributed touchpoint per ad inventory

  • CPA exceptions for particular use cases, like cashback sites, etc.

  • Failed transactions/touchpoints are not visible via API

  • New Payout Share column which shows the users how big part of the whole transaction payout attributes to their ad inventory (touchpoint payout/transaction payout * 100%)

  • Publishers can see the whole Conversion Path, not only their touchpoints.

Transaction Report is Back

We decided to bring back the Transaction Report, as many users were confused it’s gone. It displays all transaction-related info along with quasi-status (calculated based on the status of all related touchpoints). All edit forms are available, and there are interlinks to the Touchpoint Report.

More Capabilities for Advertisers Working In-house

All edit forms on the Transaction/Touchpoint reports are now available to advertisers. They can perform validations and adjustments by themselves. Please note that some transaction/touchpoint statuses are not allowed, as only providers can change them.

Advertisers can also quickly generate tracking links straight from the dashboard, thanks to a new widget.

Added Limit of Number of Transactions to Validate

Let’s say you have a limited budget and want to approve only the first 1000 Cost Per View transactions/impressions. Now you can do it straight from the user interface without resorting to inefficient workarounds like exporting, trimming, and importing a CSV file again.

Redesigned “Edit Text Link/Banner/Voucher/Rich Media” Forms

You can now add/edit/delete text links, banners, vouchers and rich media straight from the related listing. Although you can still do it inside the Offer Creator, we encourage you to try our new interface, as it’s faster, easier, and better looking.

Mass Banner Replacement

Forget about replacing banners one by one. Now you can do it in bulk. Please note that it’s only possible from the Banner Listing, but not from the Offer Creator.

New “My Publisher” filter/column for Ad Inventory Listing

Advertisers can quickly check whether or not an ad inventory belongs to their publishers. Along with custom sign-up gateways it’s a really useful feature.

New “Created at” filter/column for Ad Inventory Listing

We’ve got the “Activity Status” filter/column already on our platform, but there was no way to determine whether or not an ad inventory is inactive from the very beginning.

Now it’s super easy via the “Created at” filter. Sorting is possible too. We believe you’ll find lots of use cases for that addition.

Sneakypeer Integration

Sneakypeer.com lets you review and determine the reliability of various peer-to-peer and crowdfunding platforms with Sneakypeer Scoring and other metrics. Thanks to their great API and our integration, we can now display that helpful info for publishers on our platform.

Other Improvements

Here’s a whole stack of small changes and improvements we were working on:

  • Users can easily change passwords without resorting to the “Forgot Password?” feature

  • Publishers can check the Offer sID straight from the Marketplace

  • A warning is displayed for publishers before deleting an ad inventory

  • By highlighting relevant phrases in yellow, it’s way easier to find the information you’re searching for

  • Leading and trailing whitespaces are trimmed from search inputs

  • The Sales and Account Manager filters/columns display avatars for better readability and scannability

Bug fixes🐛

  • Fixed an issue where CSV download is not available in the Safari browser

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