What’s new? ✨

Marketplace for advertisers

Advertisers now have a ‘Publisher’ section where they can see all publishers and ad inventory. Here they can filter and search for publishers and also download contact information for all publishers they have an active connection with. They can also directly manage all connections of any ad inventory. It allows to direct change an ad inventory from one trade to another, or easily add a connection to another offer.

This brand new section will be extended with KPI’s and ad inventory profiles to allow advertisers to discover and connect publishers themselves. It will also be rolled out to provider users in a second step.

New provider dashboard

Providers now have an all-new dashboard that is much, much faster, and provides more relevant insights. It’s built from the ground up and consistent with the Publisher and Advertiser dashboards that were released already.

Ad inventory contact persons

Publishers can now set contact persons for their ad inventory. These contact persons will be used in the Marketplace to allow direct contact between advertisers and publishers. The contact persons will be a part of the new ad inventory profiles.

What’s improved? 🛠

Publisher dashboard

In the new and recommended offers tile publishers can now click directly to the offer details in the marketplace.

Polish finance regulations

Invoices that are sent from a Polish provider will now have a ‘Sale date’ that can be different than the issue date.

Bug fixes🐛

  • Fixed an issue with automatic trades that kept some recipients of an automatic trade in the status ‘Preview’ when a similar automatic trade was previously created and removed again.

  • Fixed another issue that also kept some recipients of an automatic trade in the ‘Preview’ status.

  • Fixed an issue where the New Offer Digest email was attempted to be sent to removed accounts.

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