What’s improved? 🛠

New tracking links

We have updated our tracking links. They now use 2 parameters that directly represent the ad and the ad inventory instead of the former ‘affiliate link slug’. This change makes the platform better scalable which should be noticeable with faster report loading times and much smaller delays in activation of the tracking links after an offer is re-activated. Besides this marks an important preparation for more advanced features such as attribution. We will of course keep supporting the old tracking link format for all existing tracking links.

Gateway filter on account list

The publisher account list can now be filtered on the gateway they used to sign up through. Providing a much more accurate alternative for the sign up reference. The gateway can also be added a column to the list.

Mautic integration

We have extended the endpoint that returns contact information of ad inventory so it can now be filtered on offer id. This makes it possible to easily import and label ad inventory contacts and send them offer related email updates.

Traffic types update

We have updated the list of traffic types that can be selected for ad inventory. There are now less options and the options leave less room for interpretation, making it less likely new ad inventory are assigned a wrong traffic type. This update makes it easier to target the correct ad inventory with an automatic trade.

Bug fixes🐛

  • Fixed an issue that caused the company information in the footer of billing emails to some times be outdated.

  • Fixed an issue where the branding gateway subdomain was causing issues while trying so save new branding settings.

  • Fixed an issue where an ad inventory couldn’t be saved during sign up when a logo was uploaded.

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