What’s new? ✨

Custom branding for Publishers

Publishers can now get their own custom interface branding just like providers and advertisers can. The new branding settings are available in the Settings of the publisher account.

It  is now possible to create tracking links directly from the Offer > Ads section. This way it is no longer necessary to log in to the publisher account. This section now also had pagination so the page will load faster and without problems if there are a lot of ads.

What’s improved? 🛠

Advertiser branding

Advertisers can now edit or create their own interface branding from their Settings.

Extended automatic tests

We improved the automatic test coverage for recently added features to increase our release quality.

Performance report CSV download

Added the Account manager, Sales manager and Publisher sID columns to the CSV download of the performance report.

Public website

Release the new enhanced homepage for our mobile proposition.

Bug fixes🐛

  • Fixed an issue where the “status” filter in the recipients list of a trade (in the offer > pricing section) didn’t work in certain cases.

  • Fixed an issue where the state of the “Custom target URL” switch when editing a banner wasn’t remembered.

  • Fixed an issue with some publisher accounts that lead to downloading an empty CSV file of the Transaction report.

  • Fixed an issue where the trades of offer 3626 weren’t shown

  • Fixed an issue with the filter in the Marketplace > Ad inventory section of provider accounts.

  • Removed the non-functioning download button in the Publisher’s marketplace

  • Fixed an issue where the EPM and EPC summary rows where always showing 0.00.

  • Unblocked some IPs in tracking

  • Fixed stability issues with Product Feeds.

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