What’s improved? 🛠

Publisher Marketplace

First of all, we increased to loading time significantly making it much nicer and faster to browse through all the offers. Besides that we added a new filter for Ad Type, which allows to filter for offers that have certain ad types available. Very useful for example comparison publishers that rely on a product feed.

Publisher Banners and Rich Media

We added new filters to the banner and rich media overviews for publishers. It is now possible to filter on all the standard dimensions of the creative.

Performance & Transaction Report

We added the ability to filter the performance report on transaction status and we added an Account Manager and Sales Manager filter for the transaction report.

Provider Marketplace

We added the ability to filter the offer marketplace on Vertical and Category and extended the Ad Type filter to also support Product Feeds.

Provider Publisher Account List

We extended the search in the publisher list to also return matches on the ‘Signup Reference’. As a second step we will make this search available in a separate filter.

Finance Automation

We’ve done the first of a series of changes to make the automatic billing document creation for providers faster and more reliable. We’ll release additional speed improvement in the next release.

Provider Settings

Providers are now able to access and edit their own settings from the side bar navigation. This allows them to add new users and edit their company and billing information.

Bug fixes🐛

  • Fixed an issue that caused an error when editing a text link.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the filter boxes to not show selected items when default filters settings were saved by a user.

  • Fixed an issue with the saving of new branding settings

  • Fixed an issue where it seemed as if you could perform certain status changes on accounts, but got an error after trying it. Now those options are properly disabled.

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