What’s improved? 🛠

Redesigned Trades Listing

To make the Offer Creator easier and more user-friendly, we decided to decouple the Trades subsection and transform it into a separate listing. All edit forms are available, and there are interlinks to the Touchpoint Report. As one would expect, dynamic views are also available, making it super easy to add data filters, change sorting order and show/hide all the columns you want.

Ad Inventory Listing Improvements

The redesigned Trades Listing provides many interlinks to the Ad Inventory Listing. As a result, performing trade-related actions is easier than ever. Now you can connect to, disconnect from, and blacklist on trade without editing offers directly.

Also there are three new columns added:

  • Trade Connection Status (empty if no Trade is selected)

  • URL

  • Contact Person

  • Contact Person Email

Scheduled Trades

Now you can schedule a manual trade for particular days. It will only apply during the selected date range, making it a helpful tool for time-limited promotions.

Price Combinations per Traffic Channel

When configuring price combinations for automatic trades, there’s a new possibility to narrow your results based on a traffic channel. That way, you can create one price combination for cashback services, another for content providers, etc.

Gateways Ready for Internationalisation

All gateway pages (Sign In, Sign Up as Publisher, Forgot Password) are now available in Polish. In the future, we plan to add more languages.

Approval Ratio KPIs

Thanks to new Key Performance Indicators, advertisers and providers can see the publishers’ approval rate month by month:

  • Approval Ratio (Transaction Amount)
    (Transaction amount from all of the approved statuses / Transaction amount) * 100%

  • Approval Ratio (Sales)
    (Sales with all of the approved statuses / Sales) * 100%

  • Approval Ratio (Leads)

  • Approval Ratio (Paid Clicks)

  • Approval Ratio (Impressions)

  • Approval Ratio (Installs)

Other Improvements

Here’s a whole stack of small changes and improvements we were working on:

  • Users can resend user invitations

  • Removed WAID parameter (Windows Advertiser ID), as it’s no longer supported

  • Trade connections are gone after a publisher gets removed

  • Change banner visibility straight from the Banners Listing

  • Hide a banner if there’s no replacement for it (bulk replace action)

  • Performance optimisation of the Postbacks Listing

  • Searchable sID for the following filters: Provider, Advertiser, Publisher

Bug fixes🐛

  • Fixed an issue where CSV download is not available in the Safari browser

  • Fixed an issue where automatic approval of transactions is based on touchpoints, not transactions

  • Fixed an issue where publishers can’t register

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