What’s new? ✨

Publisher & advertiser dashboard

We completely rebuild the publisher and advertiser dashboards from the ground up. They are now showing more relevant data a lot faster. In the new snapshot tile the user can see all relevant KPI’s for today, yesterday, this week and this month. There’s an all new cashflow tile and a tile to directly generate tracking links from the dashboard. Furthermore, we’re showing recommended offers (based on EPC) and relevant new offers based on the stored marketplace filters.

What’s improved? 🛠

We gave the sidebar navigation an easier layout. The active item is highlighted more distinctively and the items are grouped to provide more context. We also added the user menu that was previously in the top right corner in at the bottom of the sidebar for a better user experience. This menu will be expanded with quick access to all account settings.


We changed the level on which the report currency is stored from the account to the user. This avoids conflicts if multiple currencies are used by different users within the account.

We optimised the process that is used to reactivate tracking links after an offer gets reactivated. This should reduce the time it takes for tracking links to start working again after an offer is reactivated significantly.

Branding updates

We changed the caching mechanism that is used for all branding assets so that when a user updates the branding settings the results are now instantly visible in the interface.

Bug fixes🐛

  • We fixed an issue that caused certain removed user accounts to be included in the CSV download of trade recipients.

  • We fixed an issue that caused offers with a price setup for Rest Of The World to not show up if the publisher marketplace was filtered for a specific country.

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