What’s new? ✨

Transaction status history

Providers can now see the transaction status history including the user, date and status change. It can be accessed from the transaction report, by clicking the new history icon when hovering a single transaction.

What’s improved? 🛠

Publisher marketplace

Publishers can now easily see in their Marketplace overview which provider is providing each offer. We also added support to directly link to a single offer in the marketplace. This link will automatically open the offer when accessing the marketplace. This is a first step towards new offer digest emails that will use these links.

Publisher branding

Publishers will now see the UI branding that matches the branding of the signin or signup page they used to access the platform. This will contribute to a much nicer on boarding experience for new publishers that are unfamiliar with the mechanics of our marketplace.

Provider offer list

It is now also possible to filter the offer list on Advertiser account.

Bug fixes🐛

  • Fixed an issue that caused the values in the summary row of the transaction report in the advertiser account to appear one column to the left of where they were supposed to appear.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the loading icon the remain on the screen when a search in the billing overview did not return any results.

  • Fixed an issue with some tracking links that were missing in the database which caused some product feed tracking links to be unavailable.

  • Fixed an issue with the end date of an offer. It was possible to select the current date or a date in the past, but this is not possible as the offer would in that case already be ended (to end an offer right now you can simply change the status, as the end date is meant for scheduling only). These dates are now disabled in the end date picker. 

  • Fixed some issues with the Offer pricing page. In some cases this would cause a user to jump straight into the recipient page rather than the settings page when clicking the edit icon of a trade.

  • Fixed an issue with the payout currency in the publisher marketplace, which wasn’t returning any percentage pricings.

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