What’s improved? 🛠

Conversion Path Attribution – 1st Step

Touchpoints are finally part of the system. The transaction report is in fact the touchpoint report now, but because there’s always one touchpoint per transaction, the user interface stays the same. That will allow us a smooth transition to CPA with multiple touchpoints per transaction with fewer bugs and UX issues in the future.

Overdue invoices

Invoices automatically move to status ‘Overdue’ when the due date is passed. Plus there’s an email notification about it.

Invoice and Self-billing lists

The invoice and self-billing lists are now having an updated design with the possibility to filter by currency.

Faster mapping and processing of Product Feeds

The previous update made the product feed updating process more reliable, and now it’s also faster, especially when it comes to product feed mapping. All edited feeds will be processed right after saving from now on (previously there was a delay caused by the processing schedule).

Unlimited Views

Create as many views (filter and column configuration) as you need. New views are always created based on the default set of filters and columns.

Bug fixes🐛

  • Fixed many small UX problems related to the Country filter: wrong sorting, wrong search pattern, no synonym searching.

  • Fixed many small UX problems related to the Currency filter: wrong sorting, wrong search pattern, no synonym searching.

  • Fixed an issue where the Voucher code column in the transaction report for advertisers is empty

  • Fixed an issue where the trade selector in the add-to-trade modal displays terminated offers

  • Fixed an issue where filtering on ad dimension in the rich media list returns an error

  • Fixed an issue where a provider is able to add a bank account for another provider

  • Fixed an issue where the mass validation with Advertiser IDs fails if the ID contains a “‘” character

  • When creating a new offer, the Account Manager and Sales Manager fields are no longer required

  • Only manual trades are available in the selector when adding a selection of ad inventory to a trade

  • Ad lists display the latest ads at the very top

  • Meaningful labels are provided for the Tracking Method filter

  • Identical filter value names are easily distinguishable now by displaying sID next to them. Affected filters: advertiser, offer, publisher, ad inventory, account manager, sales manager

  • The gateway creation process is now more secure

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