What’s new? ✨

Voucher & Deals ads

It is now possible for advertisers and providers to set up any kind of deal as ad. Deals can include a voucher code and/or discount. Publishers are able to view, filter, sort and get the tracking link for these ads.

New parameters

We added support for the impression_id  parameter to our impression tracking and the values will show up in the impression and transaction report. We also added support for the sub_source_id  parameter, of which the values will be visible in the click and transaction report. Support for the performance report is coming later.

What’s improved? 🛠


We optimized some of the tiles on the dashboard to make it load faster. More optimizations will follow in the next deployment.

Report filters

We added terminated offers and closed accounts to the report filters. Making it easier to filter report results for accounts that are not longer active.

Performance report

We optimized the recalculation speed of the reporter making the report more up-to-date.

Bug fixes🐛

  • Fixed an issue that made the getCodes api endpoint unresponsive.

  • Fixed an issue that made the country filter in the transaction report only return click transactions and not all other transaction types.

  • Fixed an issue where the postback list for providers some times didn’t load.

  • Fixed an performance issue with the price segment recalculations, sometimes causing the recalculation to time out.

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