What’s improved? 🛠

Conversion Path Attribution – Final Step

The feature is finally ready! Advertisers can choose from five different models of attribution:

  • Last touchpoint (100% of the payout to the last touchpoint)

  • First touchpoint (100% of the payout to the first touchpoint)

  • Linear (equal share to all touchpoints)

  • Position based (40% to the first and last touchpoint, the remaining 20% is shared across the other touchpoints)

  • Time decay (The closer in time to the transaction the higher the share)

Full Conversion Path Preview is available for all transactions, so that you can see all transaction-related touchpoints in one place.

Two completely new filters are available for Publishers, Advertisers and Providers: Attribution Model and Attribution Status.

For more in-depth information on how it works, please check our article from the Help Center.

Redesigned Listings of Text Links, Rich Media and Product Feeds

We redesigned the remaining ad listings to match the look and feel of other pages. Creating custom views there is now possible.

Design Lifting

While developing the Conversion Path Attribution feature, we realized we need to change the Filters section, to make it more scannable. We added many new icons here and there. We plan to improve more design aspects of our platform soon.

Bug fixes🐛

  • Fixed an issue where access is denied on the Sign Up as Publisher form

  • Fixed an issue where voucher count is wrong and generates wrong link

  • Fixed an issue where the phone prefix is not required

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