What’s improved? 🛠

Performance report

We’ve done a complete overhaul of the performance report. It got a brand-new look, based on the newest frontend technologies, making it super-fast and responsive.

  • The chart component is hidden by default, showing more of your data at first sight and making the report load faster. It can easily be made visible with a button in the header. The graph is now also showing you hourly intervals when a period of 2 days or less is selected, providing more useful insights.

  • The report configuration (where you select the metrics and dimensions for your report) is now done in a single modal window. You can easily search for dimension and metrics, add them to your report and drag and drop them in your desired order.

  • There are even more dimensions to choose from when building your report. The newly added dimensions include: Offer currency, Offer category, Offer status, Offer vertical, Ad type, Device group, Ad inventory URL, Ad inventory contact person, Ad inventory contact email, Signup gateway, Signup reference, Trade, Trade type, Tracking method

  • There are more dimension filters to drill down to the numbers you need: ad, contact person & email, offer currency and traffic channel.

  • It is now possible to filter on metrics. You can narrow down your report by filtering on: Clicks, Commission, Gross profit, Impressions, Payout and Transactions.

  • You can easily save your report configuration as a ‘view’, which will be accessible as a tab in the header. The view is storing the columns, filters and sorting of your report configuration.

  • You can now open all ad inventory that are in your report results in the marketplace view, with just one click. This ‘shortcut’ creates a powerful way to filter for relevant ad inventory in your report and then add those to a new trade in the marketplace.

  • The whole backbone of the reports got upgraded which provides many more hidden upgrades:

    • Faster recalculation and aggregation which resulting in more up to date reports.

    • Smarter architecture so that things like offer names and account managers are instantly updated across the entire database when they are updated in the account or offer.

    • Faster loading times, especially for longer date ranges.

Transaction report

Alongside the performance report we also updated the transaction report interface to the newest frontend technologies. Providing a better and snappier user experience.

Bug fixes🐛

  • Fixed an issue where the Recipient filter on the invoice and self-billing overviews was no longer accessible for provider users.

  • Fixed an issue which caused some inconsistent data in the performance report for data that was some years old.

  • Fixed an issue with the publisher registration process.

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