What’s new? ✨

New dimensions performance report

It is now possible to add Account Manager and Sales Manager as dimensions in the performance report and to filter on them. This makes it easier to measure performance for each manager.

What’s improved? 🛠

Performance report

Names of accounts, ad inventory and offers didn’t always properly update for historic data in the performance report when they were updated in the system. We implement a new architecture that makes names update seamlessly.

Report filters

Provider, publisher, advertiser, offer and ad inventory filters in the reports now also include objects with a disabled status. This makes it much easier to check data for example offers that have been terminated.

Billing overview filters

It is now possible in the billing overview to filter on sender and recipient. Making it easier (especially for Square users) to filter for relevant documents.

Deals & voucher overview for publishers

Publisher are now able to see and sort on the ‘Valid from’ data of vouchers and deals.

New parameters

Made the impression_id  and sub_source_id  parameters available for selection in the tracking link wizard in the publisher interface.

Select all countries for ad inventory

It is now possible to select all (or clear all) countries when creating a new ad inventory with a single click.

Bug fixes🐛

  • Fixed an issue that made the transaction report very slow when only the ‘Offer’ filter was used.

  • Fixed an issue with the Convert frequency cap on .co.za domains

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