What’s improved? 🛠

Multiple Payment Accounts for Publishers

We added the possibility to add multiple bank accounts (one bank account per currency). Next, we will focus on adding PayPal accounts.

Redesigned Account Settings

We redesigned the Account Settings page for all account types (publishers, advertisers, providers) to match the look & feel of the whole platform.

There are tons of small features we’ve dusted off, polished up, and put on display.


To make the app more interactive and user-friendly, we added notifications providing users with timely information from our platform. In the upcoming updates, we plan to expand it by developing more notification types, daily/weekly email recaps, and more.


The Download Center is a central location where we store and organize files and make them available to our end users for download. In the upcoming updates, we plan to expand it by developing more download types and automated monthly validation reports.

Redesigned Postbacks

After providing serious speed improvements in the latest update, we continued by redesigning the Postbacks page. Now it matches the look & feel of the whole platform.

Touchpoint API

Access detailed touchpoint data via our public API, integrate it with your system, and smooth out your workflow.

Speed Optimisation of Feed Processing

To process bigger files (1GB+), we changed the whole architecture of storing data and retrieving it. Also, we speeded up the response time needed to generate a processed feed with custom tracking links.

Other Improvements

Here’s a whole stack of small changes and improvements we were working on:

  • Duplication of manual trades as scheduled ones copies all recipients

  • Searching ad inventory by sID is now available inside filters

  • Best pricing is showed up on the Trades listing

  • Forced HTTPS on the Default Target URL field in the offer creator

  • UI/UX little tweaks here and there

Bug fixes🐛

  • Currency is required when editing transactions/touchpoints via CSV files

  • Calculating Conversion Path Attribution is based on the Touchpoint Engagement Type only

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