What’s improved? 🛠

Sign Up as Publisher

The process of registration of new publishers has been totally revamped and redesigned. We collect way more information upfront to reduce your manual work afterwords. And thanks to automatic email reminders we also reduce the amount of unfinished registrations.

Simplified Account Addresses

There’s no more need to provide separate billing address, if you want to stick with your company address. It also makes the publisher registration process way easier and faster.

Additional Invoice Statuses

Two new statuses related with overdue invoices are provided:

  • Debt collection – when an invoice is not paid for a very long time, and you want to use a debt collection agency to help get the money

  • Uncollectible – some times a debt collection agency can’t even get you the payment or you know it is pointless to use a debt collection agency to begin with.

Activity Status of Ad Inventory

This will help evaluate potential impact of every ad inventory. There are three statuses available:

  • Active – has clicks, impressions or transactions in the last 60 days

  • Inactive – has clicks, impressions or transactions, but not in the last 60 days

  • New – has no data

More Reliable Branding

Branding regeneration was a common problem in the past. Now you can see your changes immediately without any issues. Plus we can release hotfixes without breaking your customisations.

Views Improvements

After enabling unlimited number of views in the latest update, it became apparent we need some way of selecting the most important one. That’s where the “Select as Default View” action comes into play. Also now you can duplicate your view with just one click.


We added simple shortcut links to each item on the Offers Listing. Now you can easily see the performance and all transactions for each offer without configuring filters every time. It looks like a small usability improvement, but we plan to use such links on more pages and even in emails/notifications, thus making the whole navigation process easier and more intuitive.


Instead of a traditional spinner icon, we display a placeholder preview of the content before the data gets loaded, and thus reduce load-time frustration. Right now it’s only available in the Transaction Report, but we plan to use it on all other pages as well.

Bug fixes🐛

  • Fixed an issue where the transaction report loads slowly

  • Fixed an issue where the country filter works on priced countries instead of targeted countries

  • Fixed an issue where it’s not possible to remove auto trade criteria

  • Only one auto-trade is possible right now

  • Delaying an automatic trade is no longer possible

  • Fixed an issue where getting a tracking link from the offer creator as advertiser is not possible

  • Fixed an issue where currency rendering is wrong while editing price segments

  • Fixed an issue where on correction documents VAT amount is not taken from the original document

  • Fixed an issue where on correction documents the provider list is not loaded

  • Fixed an issue where changing the status of invoice corrections is not possible

  • Fixed an issue where the transaction amount field is not visible

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