What’s improved? 🛠

Billing document fees

It is now possible to add multiple fee positions to an invoice and also to add fee positions to self-billing documents.

Tracking links

Tracking links will now stop working when there is no active connection between the offer and the ad inventory.

Reporter KPIs

The calculation of some reporter KPIs is improved. Conversion rate and Transactions will no longer include Paid clicks. The CTR will be based only on clicks on banners or rich media ads.

First-Party Tracking

There is now a new version of the entrypoint script that can be placed on every page of the advertiser website. This simplifies the redirect flow, making it shorter and therefore faster for the user to arrive on the final target URL. What’s more, when the entrypoint script is blocked or wrongly implemented, the user will not notice anything.

Product Feeds

The product feeds infrastructure has been modified resulting in much more reliable product feed updating.


All filters now show instant results even if there are many results due to lazy loading. This makes the working of all filters more consistent and user friendly. Selected filter options are now also listed at the top of the list.

Account and Offer lists

The account and offer lists are now having an updated design.

Bug fixes🐛

  • Fixed an issue where the new offer digest mail would under some conditions include the wrong payouts for the publisher.

  • Fixed an issue where the providers could see all advertisers in the advertiser filter when managing connections in the Ad inventory section.

  • Fixed an issue where users can only see advertisers with connections in the advertiser filter when managing connections in the Ad inventory section.

  • Fixed many small UX problems in the sections with the newly designed interface.

  • Fixed an issue with the voucher code column in the transaction report that didn’t return any values for advertisers.

  • Fixed a wrong label in the price segment section of the offer creator. ‘Revenue’ is now labeled ‘Transaction amount’.

  • Added the missing ‘Ad inventory’ column to the transaction report for advertisers.

  • Fixed an issue where the the close button of the offer creator was not working for advertisers.

  • The advertiser filter in the performance report is now multi select.

  • Fixed an issue where the CSV upload functionality was available in automatic trades.

  • Fixed an issue where user of a terminated account could still login.

  • Fixed an issue where the verification token message was confusing when the link had been automatically clicked by a tool or email client.

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