What’s improved? 🛠

Conversion Path Attribution – 2nd Step

The Performance Report operates on touchpoints instead of transactions now. There are new touchpoint-related options in the user interface: editing a single item, bulk status changing, etc. A single transaction still consists of only one touchpoint, but the UI is ready for the 3rd and final step.

Sign In and Forgot Password Pages

To match the look and feel of the previously redesigned “Sign Up as Publisher” page, we refreshed the Sign In and Forgot Passwords pages as well.

Sign Up as Publisher Form Improvements

Based on the user feedback and client needs, we added tiny improvements to the sign-up process here and there. Confirmation codes are easier to identify, automatic trade connection calculation is faster than before, optional fields are correctly marked, and the progress bar is responsive/mobile optimized. By default, a newly registered publisher will see the provider branding, but providers can change it and show the advertiser branding instead.

Automatic Approval of Transactions/Touchpoints

Advertisers can now enable automatic approval of transactions after a given time. This feature and some upcoming improvements will make the validation process quicker and more straightforward.

Redesigned Banner Listing

We don’t use a masonry layout to display banners anymore. Instead, we use a simple table. It allows more flexibility when it comes to searching and filtering. And via custom views, publishers can create their own set of visible columns and filters.

Redesigned Marketplace & Single Offer Details Page

We redesigned the Publisher Marketplace to match the look and feel of other pages. It’s clean, faster to navigate, and of course creating custom views is also possible.

“Promoted by Me” Filter

Publishers can now quickly identify which offers were they promoting in the last 60 days by checking the “Promoted by Me” filter/column.


Last time we added simple shortcut links to each item on the Offers Listing. Such shortcuts are now also available on other pages, making the whole navigation process quicker and more intuitive.


Last time we replaced a traditional spinner icon with skeletons on the Transactions Report. Similar skeletons are now also available on other pages

New Document Type Filter/Column for Invoices/Self-billings

Now you can quickly identify whether a document is the default one or a correction.

KPI Explanations and Formulas

Some Key Performance Indicators may not be understandable, especially for new users. That’s why we added helpful tooltips with formulas to make KPIs more obvious.

Bug fixes🐛

  • Fixed an issue where removing incomplete publishers is not possible

  • Fixed an issue where adding/editing a pricing combination is not possible (automatic trades)

  • Fixed an issue where the Close button on the Single Publisher Edit Screen doesn’t work

  • Fixed an issue where new trades are not available inside the Edit Ad Inventory Connections popup

  • Fixed an issue where aggregated column values (transaction amount, commission, payout) are missing on the Transaction Report

  • Fixed an issue where the invoice bulk status change confirmation popup is not visible

  • Fixed an issue where the Rows per Page option of any listing pagination doesn’t apply to the subsequent pages

  • Fixed an issue where the Recipient filter (invoices/self-billings) returns wrong values

  • Fixed an issue where there are huge gaps between boxes on the Dashboard

  • The “Page Title” field is now called “Brand Name” to avoid confusions, as it’s used not only for the page title

  • The first Ad Inventory is automatically selected when there are no other options available – relates to the Generate Tracking Code popup

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