What’s new? ✨

Finance bulk actions

It is now possible to perform bulk actions on billing documents. You can update the status of multiple documents at the same time and also send them to the billing recipients with one click.

What’s improved? 🛠

Ad inventory marketplace

The ad inventory marketplace is now also available for providers. On top of that we added a filter by trade. This makes it possible to show all recipients of a trade in this list. We also updated the download functionality so it now uses the new contact persons that are set up for each ad inventory. Finally we also added the option to save certain filter and column configurations as ‘views’. This makes it very easy to quickly access the ad inventory you search for most often.

Bug fixes🐛

  • Fixed an issue where users could sometimes sign in before having confirmed their email address.

  • Fixed an issue that made mass validating/updating transactions time-out when big amounts of transactions were involved.

  • Fixed an issue where the postback overview for providers did not always load properly

  • Fixed an issue where some gateway URLs without any path did not properly redirect to the sign in page

  • Fixed an issue where the New Offers and Recommended Offers tiles on the publisher dashboard did not always show the correct payout

  • Fixed an issue where recipients were not properly uploading to a trade

  • Fixed an issue where finance document attachments couldn’t be uploaded

  • Fixed an issue that could potentially send offer digest emails to users of a closed account

  • Fixed an issue where offer logo’s were sometimes broken when an offer was edited

  • Fixed an issue that allowed offers without a fallback currency to be active which caused problems while saving the transactions

  • Show a more helpful error message when branding settings can’t be saved because the gateway subdomain is already in use.

  • Fixed an issue where publishers did not see their own ad inventory name in the transaction report

  • Fixed an issue where a broken image was shown in the offer logo field when a new offer was created

  • Fixed an issue that allowed providers to sign in to publisher accounts

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