What’s improved? 🛠

Product Level Tracking

Track sales and conversions at the product level to get a better understanding of your customers buying habits and  publishers performance. With the Product Level Tracking feature enabled, it is now possible to track transactions with multiple product groups and even multiple vendors. In the next update we will add Product SKU and Product Vendor dimensions to the Performance Report.


We refactored our platform with language and cultural differences in mind to provide a more personalized and relevant experience to users in different regions. We added full polish translation and in future updates, we will focus on adding more and more languages.

Redesigned Offer Creator

We redesigned our offer creator with simplicity and user-friendliness in mind. Our new interface is faster, easier, and better looking. It was the last step in our redesign process and finally the whole platform looks cohesively.

Event Log for Product Feeds

We added event logging to make debugging feed processing easier. Whenever there’s something wrong with your product feed, you can clearly see it from the Product Feeds Listing and check details after opening up the Events Log popup.

Other Improvements

Here’s a whole stack of small changes and improvements we were working on:

  • it’s now possible to change the status of a declined transaction straight from the Transactions Report
  • Download Center loading speed has been improved
  • when duplicating trades it’s now possible to multiply all related pricings by your desired factor
  • we display more error/warning messages before processing CSV files to avoid meaningless requests

Bug fixes🐛

  • fixed an issue where ad inventory searching on the Ad Inventory Listing doesn’t work
  • fixed an issue where trade/price combinations cause collission
  • fixed an issue where download links from notifications don’t work
  • fixed an issue where downloading ad inventory CSV files return wrong results
  • we show paused offers to publishers now on the Touchpoint Report

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