Setting up your branding

You can set up your Provider branding via ‘Customisation’ and ‘Branding’ in your Provider interface. Here you can customize your platform and change the naming of your brand and the products. Platform customization You can either drop the logo and … Read More

Provider setup checklist

To start with the setup of your Provider account we need the following general information: Business: Brand name Company name Company type (commercial / private) and form Company ID VAT ID (if available) Postal data: Street name and number Building … Read More

Adding new users

If you want to add additional users to your Provider or Advertiser account you can easily do this in the settings of your account, which you can access via the side bar navigation: When creating a new user the following … Read More

Publisher registration & branding

Our platform hosts a single Marketplace that is shared between multiple Providers. When a Publishers registers the sign-up is for the open Target Circle Marketplace. There are however a lot of different places from where a Publisher can sign up: … Read More

Creating a Publisher account

For the creation of a Publisher account please go to ACCOUNTS – PUBLISHERS and press +. Add the data for Company Information / User management / Ad inventory / Payment information / Self-billing information and Localisation. Optionally you can add … Read More

Setting up a Provider gateway

As a provider it is possible to set up a branded sign in and sign up gateway for your clients. Setting up the branding You are able to customize the logo, favicon, background and primary color of the gateways. Logo: … Read More

Setting up default values

Based on the part of the world where you reside or on your preferences you can set up different default settings for our CSV report exports. These settings allow you to download reports in the format you need to facilitate … Read More

Edit single transactions

It´s very easy to edit a single transaction in your Target Circle Provider interface. Search for the transaction you want to edit in the transaction report. Clicking on EDIT will trigger a modal. You can edit the following values: Status … Read More

Bulk editing transactions

Target Circle allows you to edit many transactions through an uploaded CSV file. This can be very useful for editing the pricing data of transactions, for example for partially returned sales. Attributes that can be edited The CSV allows you … Read More

Mass validation for Provider

Target Circle allows you to mass validate the transaction of your Advertisers. For this purpose you can either use the Transaction ID (Advertiser) or the Transaction ID (System) . Transaction ID (Advertiser) vs. Transaction ID (System) The Transaction ID (Advertiser) … Read More

Setting up Offer postback URLs in your Provider Interface

You can only add Offer postback URLs in the postbacks section of your Target Circle Provider interface. To add a new postback URL you have to click on + in the upper right corner in the postback section. Offer postback … Read More

Using automatic billing document creation

Target Circle can create invoices and credit notes for your Advertisers and Publishers automatically. You can enable this in your provider customization section: When you have automatic billing document creation enabled, a daily process will run at 03:00 CET for … Read More

Creating a bank account

In the Finance section of your Provider account you can add a bank account: The bank details entered in this section will appear on the invoices to your Advertisers. Therefore it is important that all information is set up correctly: … Read More

Bulk editing touchpoints

Target Circle allows you to edit many touchpoints through an uploaded CSV file. This can be very useful for editing status, commission or payout data of touchpoints. Attributes that can be edited The CSV allows you to edit to following … Read More

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