Installing first-party tracking (v1)

Our first party tracking relies on a HTML file that has to be place on the Advertiser’s server and a script that has to be placed on the order confirmation page (also known as “thank you page”). The HTML file … Read More

Installing first-party tracking with Google Tag Manager (v1)

To install our first-party tracking with Google Tag Manager you need to add two Custom HTML tags: “Target Circle entrypoint” and “Target Circle checkout” . The entrypoint tag will set the 1st party cookie with our tracking ID tmt_data  and … Read More

Installing 1st party tracking via Shopify

To install our 1st party tracking you need to implement our redirect script first. You can find the information how to set it up here: Installing-1st-party-tracking If you want to implement the redirect script via Google Tag Manager, please follow … Read More

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