Your own advertising technology,
Made for scaling performance.

One hub for your legal, offer and payout management, automated by technology and crafted with connectivity in mind.
Ad networks

One agreement for all your traffic sources

Get rid of all agreements and insertion orders with all traffic sources connected to Target Circle.

Add your terms & conditions to your offers to ensure legal compliance.

One place to manage and optimise all offers

Streamline your offer management by creating just ONE offer for each of your apps or websites regardless of the offer complexity.

Use the extensive tracking, targeting, ads management, segmentation and pricing capabilities of the offer editor.


The open marketplace extends your reach

Involve us in the transfer of your existing traffic sources to the platform, both to overcome legal and technical obstacles.

Screen the in-built shared marketplace to find new matching traffic sources and connect them to your offers.

Manage and optimise all your traffic sources in one place.

Real-time insights to optimise your offers

Add and remove dimensions and metrics to customise your reports. Save your most used configuration and plot parameters to visualise and compare their development over time.

Drill down to check all attributes of a single impression, click and transaction for maximum transparency.


Automatic scrubbing makes fraud prevention scalable

Define fraud and quality KPIs and thresholds.

Integrate any internal or external fraud detection tool via API to ensure optimal fraud protection.

Automate the scrubbing of mistargeted, fraudulent and poor quality transactions.

One invoice for all your traffic sources

Validate transactions automatically via API or manually in your interface. Get a single invoice for all your offers in your preferred currency.

Entrust your publisher credit note creation and payouts to our in-built, compliant and audited finance module.


Customisation makes the platform truly yours

Customise your interface with your own branding and tailor the platform settings to fit your business.

Co-brand your publisher gateways to increase sign-up rates for your offers.

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