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We believe machine learning is the future of online advertising.

At Target Circle we are dedicated, some might even say obsessed, with the idea to create the world’s first fully open, transparent, automated, and connected marketplace for performance advertising. We see machine learning as the key to unprecedented scaling and accuracy.


Work on hard problems

Smart people should work on the hardest problems. At Target Circle, you'll have the opportunity to tackle the kind of challenges that make work interesting.


Make an impact

We believe in quality over quantity. As a young company with a growing team you will have the opportunity to make a big impact on all aspects of Target Circle.


Opportunities to grow

We believe in growing and moving forward, as a company and as individuals. Our goal is to enable you to seek the knowledge and learn the skills that you need to take on new tasks and responsibilities.


”Whether we are sitting next to each other in an office or are in different parts of the world our priorities always stay the same: clear communication, best code quality, and attention to details. There is a high level of responsibility for what we build together.”

- Natalia, frontend developer and scrum master

Our technology changes,
our values don’t.


Remote first

Our geographical and cultural diversity has been the key to our global success. Therefore, we encourage you to choose the place where you want to live and work, whether it is in one of our offices, a shared work space or a cabin in the woods.



We know people have different needs and work in different ways. We believe in asynchronous work and invest in processes that enable you to work the way that suits you.


Salary & bonus

We are a self-funded startup with a bootstrap mentality. We genuinely value loyalty and long-term commitment. How does that relate to you? You will receive a highly competitive salary and participate in our bonus certificate program that will allow you to benefit from our commercial success.


Learn & grow

We encourage continuous learning so that you have the opportunity to stay up to date on trends and technologies in our industry and beyond. That means we provide generous equipment allowances, conference/travel budgets as well as internal training and coaching offerings.

Work from anywhere.

With us you have the chance to combine living, working, and travelling in a unique way. Our Company culture and success are based on our employees' freedom to choose where they want to live and work. We hire talents around the world and encourage them to travel and try something new. Here are some places where our team members reside:

See where you fit in.

Join us on our quest to provide our clients with awesome products that impact their
everyday work.